New to join the Apocalypse menu!

Harley Quinn Drop Shot

A shot of Kinky Blue, dropped into energy drink, strawberry liquor, and a splash of cran.

Poison Ivy

Based off our poison bottle drink, sour apple, melon liquor join Botanist Gin and soda.

Launching this week. Bending drinks – Ember Island edition! Because everything needs a summer beach version and ATLAB universe is still awesome, We’ve re-did the bending drinks into their Ember Island beach fun mojito versions.

Ember Island – Air Bender

Cool lime, mint, rum, lemonade, and soda.

Ember Island – Water Bender

AFK blue, fresh lime, mint, rum and soda.

Ember Island – Earth Bender

Sour Apple, fresh lime, mint, rum, and soda.

Ember Island – Fire Bender

Strawberry liquor, fresh lime, mint, rum and soda.