Due to the changes to the Phase 2 as stated by our governor.  We are now allowed to be open at 11 pm one whole extra hour of glorious AFK  is now allowed! It’s a drop of water in a desert…but it’s something.

We also are allowed to sit six people to a table now. So hooray! You can get a 6 person pod.

Not all of our staff can change their schedules on the whims of the government, so our Kitchen hours will still be last call at 9:30 till next week when we remake our schedules.

Due to closing at 10 now. We have forced the night drinkers into the day. Many vampires have burned already in the noble pursuit of day drinking. ☀️🍸🧛🔥🔥🔥

This is new regulation pushed on us for phase 2 that we honestly understand where it’s coming from but think is totally wrong. AFK has always been a late night place with over 1/3 of our business taking place after 10pm  so this will be quite damaging as a whole to the company. Most of our past 10pm people are just getting off work, or stopping by on their way home. So we’re asking those who can, come day drink with us and help support due to most of our late night crew being unable to.



Hi folks we had a very nice call with the health department today to help clear up some of the horrible wording on Phase 2.

As a result we have the best news. THE BAR SIDE IS OPEN AGAIN! Seriously we could not be more happy.

That means our bar side is open like almost(tm) normal again. It has far less seating, But it’s normal counter side service just like always! Although we did swap what counter people use to make it easier to keep socially distant.

Just as the 500th reminder to have a facemask or your face covered when you come in for bar. If you don’t like this you can send an email to idontfuckingcare@afktavern.com : it will bounce and I’m okay with that. You’re fine to not have one while sitting we ask you have them on in all common areas that you can’t social distance.

We still have pod seating but we’ve saced the table side section we built to allow us to have bar seating (far more important for our survival) we are working on some options for the floor but right now pods.

This week we will also have one use paper menus back. They’re half done some when I get home tonight I’ll hopefully have the time to finish them.

Online FAQ will be updates as I have time, same with our services page. But…Ya 24 hours on that.

Still working out reservations. We will do same day ones right now if you need one give us a call.