We’re celebrating our favorite video game drinks of the last 9 years.

Power Suit Samus

Orange vodka, Kinky Pink, Cointreau, pineapple and orange juice. She fucking hates war wasps.


Blueberry vodka, Kinky Blue, raspberry liqueur, sweet and sour, and Sprite. The broodmother rules all of Azeroth.

Pecan Co-cobo

The ultimate Chocobo breeders challenge! Pecan Whiskey and Hot coco!

Lon Lon Milk

Fill up your hearts so you can shoot your sword with power! Hazelnut liqueur, Honey Whiskey, Tequila Rose, and half & half.

Dragon Blood

Dragonberry rum, Fireball whiskey, watermelon liqueur, and Fanta Orange. Shy, go Jungle, damn it!